Wantage Markets: A Treat of Traders

Fresh produce and traders at monthly Wantage Farmers Market

Up and about early, and in all weathers throughout the year, bringing us lovely fresh produce including fruit & veg, bread & cakes, fish, flowers, eggs, meat and more. We love our regular market traders and the Farmers market folk who join us once a month.

Wantage has a long history of market trading . . .

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Loyalty making a difference

Businesses participating in the loyalty scheme

Where in Wantage and Grove can you get a buy-one-get-one-half-price offer on breakfasts? Which businesses offer 10% off? On books, toys, lunch or unique furniture? Did you know you can get free stuff from social media audits to oven cleans, and specs cleaning packs to Reiki sessions? How can you get a wide variety of offers on all sorts of goods and services when you shop locally?

The answer to all these questions and more are in . . .

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POSTED ON 21 March 2017

Filling up the Empties

Empty unit at 21 Mill Street in 2013
Empty unit at 1 Mill Street in 2013

When our town team project started, Wantage town centre had 23 empty units – that’s around 12.5% of the total. And although that was not far off the national average it was high for a south east market town, and was impacting heavily on the look of the town centre and on morale. Mill Street had nine of those empties and – although it was home to salons, and financial businesses and takeaways – it had no shops!

Working with landlords and agents to overcome . . .

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POSTED ON 09 March 2017

It’s all in The Mix

Empty unit: 15 Mill Street in 2013
Transformation of 15 Mill Street: Home of The Mix

Today, 15 Mill Street, Wantage is home to The Mix - a popular community space hosting a wide range of events, workshops and local group meetings as well as a number of business people who use it as a hot-desking facility.

When our town team project started, the building was very different . . .

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POSTED ON 17 February 2017

Putting Wantage on the map – literally!

Google Map Search results for Restaurants in Wantage

Looking for a gift, or something for the house or somewhere to eat or stay. How often is the next phrase we hear "Google it!"?

For businesses this is now a vitally important message, and its one Wantage Town Team has responded to with a pioneering initiative . . .

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POSTED ON 1st February 2017