Wantage Markets: A Treat of Traders

Fresh produce and traders at monthly Wantage Farmers Market

Up and about early, and in all weathers throughout the year, bringing us lovely fresh produce including fruit & veg, bread & cakes, fish, flowers, eggs, meat and more. We love our regular market traders and local Artisans who join us once a month (seasonal).

Wantage has a long history of market trading . . .

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Arbery Arcade

Arbery Arcade Collage

A growing and thriving independent shops community – Welcome to Arbery Arcade, Wantage

"…when deciding to open our first shop, Wantage was the obvious location for us."

One of the key strengths and attractions of Wantage town centre is our great group of independent shops. And one of the biggest changes since our town team project started . . .

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POSTED ON 13th March 2018

Filling empty shops?

Empty shop in Wantage

Filling empty shops? Why it can take time.

"Shops closing by the week. What is being done to stop Wantage being turned into a ghost town?" So said a tweet sent in . . .

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Wantage Then & Now

Wantage Then & Now

'Then and Now' Images of Wantage shops spark many memories

Memories of Wantage shops, their owners and staff, and what they sold have been sparked by a collection of photographs being displayed at . . .

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POSTED ON 3rd October 2017

Summer in Wantage means Festival time

Fresh produce and traders at monthly Wantage Farmers Market

From the Charlton Spring Festival, through Ray's Carnival to the Wantage (not just) Betjeman Literary Festival and Dickensian Evening in December, it's a varied and vibrant programme and central to it is the five-week Wantage Summer Festival.

It's a now regular and popular fixture in the cultural calendar . . .

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Filling up the Empties

Empty unit at 21 Mill Street in 2013
Empty unit at 1 Mill Street in 2013

When our town team project started, Wantage town centre had 23 empty units – that's around 12.5% of the total. And although that was not far off the national average it was high for a south east market town, and was impacting heavily on the look of the town centre and on morale. Mill Street had nine of those empties and – although it was home to salons, and financial businesses and takeaways – it had no shops!

Working with landlords and agents to overcome . . .

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POSTED ON 09 March 2017

It's all in The Mix

Empty unit: 15 Mill Street in 2013
Transformation of 15 Mill Street: Home of The Mix

Today, 15 Mill Street, Wantage is home to The Mix - a popular community space hosting a wide range of events, workshops and local group meetings as well as a number of business people who use it as a hot-desking facility.

When our town team project started, the building was very different . . .

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POSTED ON 17 February 2017

Putting Wantage on the map – literally!

Google Map Search results for Restaurants in Wantage

Looking for a gift, or something for the house or somewhere to eat or stay. How often is the next phrase we hear "Google it!"?

For businesses this is now a vitally important message, and its one Wantage Town Team has responded to with a pioneering initiative . . .

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POSTED ON 1st February 2017